Surabaya City

Surabaya City is the capital city of East Java. Surabaya is the second biggest city in Indonesia. Surabaya has an area around 350,54 km². The population of Surabaya city is about 3,4 million. Surabaya is located between eastern Java Island and Madura straits. The climate of Surabaya is tropis with two season that is rain season and dry season. The air temperature in Surabya is about 23,6 °C until 33,8 °C.

Surabaya  City has a special symbol that is shark (Suro) and crocodile (Buaya). Literally,  Surabaya name known because of  the fight between Adipati  Jayanegara and Sawunggaling. They fight for the territory of Majapahit Kingdom. They fought for seven days and seven nights. But they both died in the battle.

Surabaya is known as a Heroes City, because of the history. The history of the young generation or as familiar as “Arek-arek Suroboyo”. Surabaya has a deep history. The young generation of Surabaya has a great spirit to cast out invanders from Surabaya city. Surabaya city is a fomer colony of the Netherland and Japan . The memorable incident in Surabaya is called “The battle of November 10th” . The pioneer of this incident is Bung Tomo.

This incident caused many Indonesian killed and the numbers of fighters died. Therefore, this incident became the biggest battle in Indonesia history after proclaiming independence and defend Indonesia. Then, until now those incident remembered as the Heroes Day of Indonesia.

The struggle made of young generation of Surabaya is not easy, but it does not make this city far from development.  It is proved with, in the 19th century Surabaya has begin to develop from small towns and slums to a metropolitan city. Then, in the 21st century became one of the fastest growing cities of Southeast Asia.

The development of Surabaya makes many representative of foreign countries such as U.S. , Japan, China, England, The Neteherland and so on.

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The culture of Surabaya City is almost Javanese culture, because of the majority in Surabaya is Javanese people. The language also use Javanese Language.   However, Surabaya still have many tribe beside Jawa tribe,such as Madura tribe, Batak tribe, Mingangkabau tribe , etc.The religion is almost Islam. But with a high tolerance the people in Surabaya city life in a harmony.

Surabaya has many shopping and tourim places.

For the modern shopping places, Surabaya has Ciputra World, Tunjungan Plaza, Pakuwon Trade Center, Lenmarc, Galaxi Mall, Grand City, BG Juction, etc.

Also for the tourism places, Surabaya has Zoo of Surabaya, Kenjeran, Ekowisata Mangrove Wonorejo, etc. Not only shopping and tourism places, but also many museum and garden, such as Museum Kapal Selam, Museum W.R Supratman, Museum Mpu tantular, etc. For the garden, Surabaya has Bungkul garden, Harmoni Garden and Pelangi garden.

Education is also one of the icon in Surabaya. Surabaya has many good and a great institutions. Surabaya has more than 100 institutions for elementary school, junior high school , and senior high school. Then, Surabaya also has a famous college  such as University of Airlangga, State University of Surabaya, Institute Technology 10 November of Surabaya, Hang Tuah University, and so on. As your information, some of those college including in one of the best universities in Southeast Asia.

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