Berikut adalah sebagian jurnal yang telah kami terjemahkan:

1 |British Journal Of Dermatology Sun Exposure Induces Rapid Immunological Changes In Skin And Peripheral Blood In Patients With Psoriasis| E. Søyland, I. Heier,
2 |Short-Term Effects Of Six Greek Honey Varieties On Glycemic Response: A Randomized Clinical Trial In Healthy Subjects| Theodora, Gourdomichali, Emilia Papakonstantinou
3 |Skin Ageing And Its Treatment| L. Baumann*
4 |A Clinicoepidemiological Study Of Cutaneous Manifestations In Geriatric Age Group| Thakur Rajeev Singh, Shikha Singh
5 |Therapeutic Antibodies Ctla-4: A Moving Target In Immunotherapy| Behzad Rowshanravan
6 |Neuropsychological Deficits In Temporal Lobe Epilepsy:| Fengqing Zhao, Hai Kang, LIbo You
7 |Cutaneous Tuberculosis Overview And Current Treatment Regimens| Lindi van Zyl, Jeanetta du Plessis, Joe Viljoen
8 |Olive Leaf Tea Is Beneficial For Lipid Metabolism In Adults With Prediabetes: An Exploratory Randomized Controlled Trial| Risa Araki
9 |Cutaneous Tuberculosis: Clinicopathologic Arrays and Diagnostic Challenges| Priyatam Khadka, Soniya Koirala, Januka Thapaliya
11 |Determinants Of The Continuing Broadcasting Intentions Of Live Streamers On Youtube Gaming: A Perspective Of Self – Determination Theory| Fadhlan Maulana, S.Psi.
12 |Informing The Fraud Triangle: Insights From Differential Association Theory| Mark Lokanan Ph.D., CFE
13 |Misleading Forecasts in Accounting Estimates: A Form of Ethical Blindness in Accounting Standards?| Wally Smieliauskas
14 |The Influence of Audit Risk and Materiality Guidelines on Auditor’s Planning Materiality Assessment| Julia Baldauf, Rudolf Steckel, Marcel Steller
15 |The Impact Of The Application Of The Governance Mechanisms On The Efficiency Of The Audit Performance And The Level Of Disclosure In The Financial Reports: An Applied Study To A Sample Of Companies Listed In The Iraqi Stock Exchange| Nadhim Shaalan Jabbar
16 |The Perception Of Public Sector Auditors On Performance Audit In Malaysia: An Exploratory Study| Chew HarLoke, Suhaiza Ismail, Fatima Abdul Hamid
17 |Return On Investment – Indicator for Measuring the Profitability of Invested Capital| Mariana ZAMFIR , Marinela Daniela MANEA, Luiza IONESCU
18 |The Policy Implementation Process: A Conceptual Framework| Donald S. Van Meter and Carl E. Van Horn
19 |A Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithm| Ayushi, Lecturer, Hindu College of Engineering
20 |Improving TLS Security By Quantum Cryptography

| Mohamed Elboukhari

| Mostafa Azizi, Abdelmalek Azizi

21 |DES, AES and Blowfish: Symmetric Key Cryptography Algorithms Simulation Based Performance Analysis| Jawahar Thakur, Nagesh Kumar
22 |Recent Progress In Code-Based Cryptography| Pierre-Louis Cayrel
23 |A Hybrid Approach To Counter Application Layer Ddos Attacks| S. Renuka Devi and P. Yogesh
24 |Avoiding Wormhole Attack in MANET using Statistical Analysis Approach| Saurabh Upadhyay, Aruna Bajpai
25 |Cryptanalyzing Of Message Digest Algorithms Md4 And Md5| Md. Alam Hossain
26 |Image Encryption using Block Based Uniform Scrambling and Chaotic Logistic Mapping| Rakesh S, Ajitkumar A Kaller, Shadakshari B C, Annappa B
27 |Implementation And Analysis Of Homomorphic Encryption Schemes| Nitin Jain, Saibal K. Pal, Dhananjay K. Upadhyay
28 |Improved Caesar Cipher With Random Number Generation Technique And Multistage Encryption| S G Srikantaswamy, and Dr. H D Phaneendra
29 |Secure Data Transmission Using Steganography And Encryption Technique| Shamim Ahmed Laskar, Kattamanchi Hemachandran
30 |Tight Finite-Key Analysis For Quantum Cryptography| Marco Tomamichel
31 |Network Security with Cryptography| Prof. Mukund R. Joshi, Renuka Avinash Karkade
32 |Measurement Of Aging Anxiety: Development Of The Anxiety About Aging Scale| KATHLEEN P. LASHER, PATRICIA J. FAULKENDER
 Journal Of Ethnic Foods| Yong-Kon Park
33 |Malnutrition Parameters Conformity Based On Body Mass Index, And Subjective Global Assessment And Total Number Of Lymphocyte With Serum Albumin In Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients With Diabetes Mellitus| Dani Farid Abdullah dkk.
34 |Effects Of Sonicator Usage Time On Entrapment Efficiency Of Liposome Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Map) Made By Thin Layer Hydration Method| Thiara Eka Febriyani, dkk.
35 |The Role Of Corporate Culture, Market Orientation And Organisational Commitment In Organisational Performance The Case Of Non-Profit Organisations| Jose Carlos Pinho
36 |The Importance of Genetic Diversity to Manage Abiotic Stress| Geraldo Magela de Almeida Cançado
37 |Empirical Contribution To The Third Gaps Of Servqual| Ilham Rifai Hasan
38 |Effects of Temperature-Ph on Liquid Phase Mass Transfer and Solute Diffusion in Leachate Treatment in Anaerobic Bioreactors| Abdul Kahar
39 |Effects of Organizational Transformation and Culture on Employees Performance in One-Stop Licensing Service and Investment Agency of Makassar| Muliaty
40 |Growth Hormone (GH) Gene Expression on the Pituitary of Piglet from Superovulated Sows| Nonny
41 |The Effectiveness Of Learning Model Based On Four Pillars Of Education On Life Skills Education Program In Rural Communities| Dr. TRI SUMINAR, M.Pd
42 |Model Of Yellow Book Learning Management To Produce Quality Graduates Of Pesantren Salaf| Nur Uhbiyati
43 |Evaluation of National Health Insurance (JKN) Capitation Fund Use at Community Health Center of Seluma Regency| Heriawan
44 |Basics of Engineering Economy| Leland Blank
45 |Failure Analysis of Super Hard Cutting Tool End Mill HSS-Co.| Y, Waloyo
46 |Dispute On The Implementation Of Tax Treaty In Production Sharing Contract Between The Government Of Indonesia And Foreign Contractors In The Upstream Oil And Gas Industry, Viewed From Aspects Of Contract Law And International Treaty Law| Galih Prasetyo
47 |Effects Of Managerial Ownership Structure
And Dividend Policy On Company Value Through Debt Policy
(A case study on pharmaceutical companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2010-2014)
| Muhtar
48 |Exposure to Airborne Benzene and Urinary S-Phenylmercapturic acid (S-PMA) Concentrations in Junior High School Students in Bandung| Hondli Putra
49 |Financing Surplus (Silpa) In The Local Government| Sarwono
50 |Effects of Black Rice (oryza sativa l. indica) Formula Powdered Drink Added by Anthocyanin Extract On Antioxidant Capacity And Glycemic Profile Of Elderly With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus| Anjar Briliannita
51 |Developing Realistic Mathematics Education (Rme)-Based Student Worksheet (Lks)| Zulyadaini
52 |Management of Related Parties’ Relationship Pattern in the Implementation of Transferinthe Government Bureaucracy| Burhanuddin
53 |Principal’s Transformative Leadership Model To Develop School Organizational Culture To Realize Competitive Graduates Of Formal Educational Institutions| Nur Uhbiyati
54 |Effects of Managerial Ownership and Profitability on Company Value Mediated by Debt Policy as Intervening Variable| Giantoro Pamungkas
55 |Development Of Distance Education In Indonesia| Dr. Ali Taufik.
56 |Assessment Model of Student Field Practice at Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Training in Indonesia: A Reality and Expectation| Lian G. Otaya
57 |Influence Of Work Stress And Compensation On Employee Performance At Pt Telekomunikasi  Indonesia (Telkom) Kandatel Luwuk| WAHYUDIN RAHMAN
58 |The Effect Of Cellulase Content On Phytoestrogens Formation (Genistein) Materials On Fermented Soybean Waste Aspergillus Niger| Vara Tassa Sutari
59 |Comparative Decentralization Lessons from Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines| Guess, George M
60 |Failure Analysis of Super Hard Cutting Tool End Mill HSS-Co.| Y, Waloyo
61 |Confirming The Existence Of The Kingdom The Efforts Of Regional Consolidation And Formation Of Cultural Identity During The Reign Of Hamengku Buwana I 1755 – 1792| Sutarwinarmo
62 |Optimization of Reverse-AODV on Emergency Broadcast Simulation| Rahmat Budi Wicaksono, M. Akbar Marwan
63 |DRESS Syndrome: Drug Reaction With Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms| Howard M. Corneli, MD
64 |Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (DRESS): An Interplay among Drugs, Viruses, and Immune System| Yung-Tsu Cho
65 |Drug-reaction eosinophilia and systemic symptoms and drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome| Suran L Fernando
66 |Drug Reaction With Eosinophilia And Systemic Symptoms (Dress): Incidence, Pathogenesis And Management| Tetsuo Shiohara & Yoko Kano
67 |Descriptions On Factors Related To Infant Mortality In Areas With Low Antenatal Care Coverage| Kukuh Purwo Saputro
68 |The Effect Of Company Characteristics On Income Smoothing Practice Moderated By Managerial Ownership: A Study On Public Listed Companies In The Indonesian Stock Exchange During 2012-2016| Karnila Ali
69 |

The Effect of Work Motivation, Work Discipline, and Competence on Employee Work Performance

| Dr. Ignatius Jeffrey
70 |An Approach To Select Effectively The Best Framework IT According To The Axes Of The Governance It, To Handle And To Set Up An Objective IT| Aziza CHAKIR
71 |Effects Of The Addition Of Ingredient Containing Carotene On Black-Saddled Coral Grouper (Plectropomus Leopardus) Seed’s Growth, Total Carotenoids, Vitality, Nutrition And Plasma Lipid Nutrition| Daniar Kusumawati
72 |A Review On Various Techniques Of Secure Signature Verification: Sift, Surf And G-Surf| Ritika Sachdeva
73 |A Survey on Handwritten Signature Verification Approaches| Basheer Mohamad Al-Maqaleh
74 |State-of-the-Art in Handwritten Signature Verification System| Rania A. Mohammed
75 |Biology Parameters And Parasitoid Demography Of Opius Dissitus Muesebeck (Hymenoptera: Brachonidae) On The Leafminer Flies Liriomyza Spp (Diptera: Agromyzidae)| Sri Wahyuni
76 |Microcontroller Training Kit Personal Computer Less| Wahyu
77 |Use Of Collective Trademarks On Cooperative And Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises To Increase National Economic Growth| Dewi Tenty Septi Artiany
78 |Effects Of The 6th Series Of Indonesian Diabetes Gymnastic On Energy Expenditures| Riza
79 |Feasibility of Rice to Rice Development| F Yasser
80 |Efforts Of Developing Maritime Culture In Pacitan Of 1999-2015| Heru Arif Pianto
81 |Lokananta Music Archives as the Embodiment of Indonesian’s Collective Memory| Atik
82 |Optimization Of The Implementation Of Government Regulation No 46 Of 2013 To Address The Low Tax Compliance Providing Effects To Potential Loss Of Tax Revenue (Case Study On Directorate General Of Taxes)| Raymond Firman Siahaan
83 |Effect Of Milling Time And Sintering Temperature On Mn, Ti Substitution Barium Hexaferrite Nanoparticle Formation| Erlina
84 |Prognostic Parameters For The Recovery Of Renal Function In Patients With Obstructive Uropathy| Aristo
85 |GIS application for West Sumatra Craft Industry and Its Location Accessing by Using Local Transport| Surya Afnarius
86 |Punishment And Modern Society A Study In Social Theory| David Garland
87 |Effects of Accounting Information Quality, Accountability, and Transparency on Zakat Acceptance| NIKMATUNIAYAH
88 |The Development Of Interactive Tangram Game Media In The Learning Of Plane Geometry And Van Hiele Theory Based Measurenment| Trimurtini
89 |Pull Factors Affecting The Decision Of Prospective Jobseekers To Do Urbanization To Padang And Pekan Baru| Syamsul Amar
90 |

TRANSFORMATION OF METROPOLITAN SUBURBAN AREA (A study on New Town Development in Moncongloe-Pattalassang of Maminasata Metropolitan)

| Batara Surya
91 |Resistance Of Surakarta City Communities On Hotel Construction| Dicky Sumarsono
92 |Grdp Per Capita, Life Expectancy, Education, Government Expenditure On Environment On Environmental Quality In Indonesia| Gita Jun
93 |Development Of Technopreneurship-Based Entrepreneurship Education For Students At Riau University, Indonesia| Iskandar
94 |Effectiveness Of The Implementation Of Rural Agribusiness Development Program In Gowa District| Batara Surya
95 |Institutional Performance Of The Association Of Farmer Groups In Rural Agribusiness Development Program In Gowa District| Nurdiana Djamaluddin
96 |Understanding Energy Security Concept: Dimension And Its Relevance To East Kalimantan Province| Sagena
97 |Analysis On Calculation And Comparison Of Vehicle Operating Costs (Voc) At Gejayan Intersection With Ring Road Fly Over Planning In Yogyakarta| R. Endro Wibisono
98 |Producing Bio-Coke By Redwood Charcoal Blending For Blast Furnace Application Through Dry Coke Quenching Process| Abrar
99 |Legislative Functions Implementation Of Regional Representatives Council In The State Administration System Of The Republic Of Indonesia| J Dalle
100 |To be Religious in Cyber Era:
Authority and Authenticity among Online Bahtsul Masail
| M. Arief Wicaksono
101 |

The Art of Resistance, Resistance through the Art:

A Case Study of Power Relations between Persada and the State

| St Khoirnafiya
102 |

Moderate-Radicalism: A Sociocultural Account of INSISTS Islamic Activism in Indonesia

| Yanuardi Syukur
103 |Development Of Non-Fiction Book To Stimulate Early Childhood Cognitive Development| Indriah
104 |Permanent Deformation Different On Some Niti Thermal Orthodontics Wire Bow With A Diameter Of 0.014| Amirdha
105 |Optimizing Space Configuration To Create Thermal Comfort Condition In Fort Oranje Public Space At Ternate City| Firdawati
106 |Airlangga Multidimensional Poverty Index: A Case Study in Indonesia| Raditya Sukmana
107 |Measuring Maturity Index of Risk Management for IT-Governance Using Fuzzy Ahp and Fuzzy Topsis| Reza Amalia
108 |Journalist Independence as The Supervisor of 2018 Regional Election in Central Java| Alkomari
109 |Efforts To Develop Social-Emotional Aspects In Showing Tolerance Using A Combination Of Explicit Instruction Model And Cooperative Learning With Playing Method In Group B At Sulthan Early Childhood Education (Paud), Banjarmasin| Mayasari, Asniwati
110 |Development Of Religious And Moral Values On 4-5 Years Old Children In Immitating Prayer Movement (Shalat) Using Simulation And Rewarding Methods At Akhlaqul Karimah Kindergarten Of East Banjarmasin| Wahyu & Maimunah
111 |Developing Children Gross Motor Skills Through Combination Of Explicit Instruction Model, Role Playing Model And Jump Rope Game In Kindergarten| Eka Fauzana, Mohammad Dani Wahyudi
112 |Efforts To Develop Fine Motor Aspects In Coordinating Eyes And Hands To Make Complex Movement Using Explicit Instruction Model And Assignment Method On A Group Of Children At Budi Mulia Kindergarten Of Kandangan Of Southern Hulu Sungai District “.| Mahlan Asmar and Aulia
113 |Variations Of Demonstration Learning Model In Expressing Images In Detail Using Direct Practice Method In Early Childhood| Darmiyati, Sri Rezeki Amalia
114 |

Developing early childhood ability in understanding rules using combination of role playing model and question-answer method through medium of traffic signs

| Silvy Widya Astuti, Novitawati
115 |Efforts To Develop Children Fine Motor Skills Through Sticking Picture Properly By Using Combination Of Explicit Instruction Model And Assignment Media Utilizing Natural Materials At Kenanga Kindergarten Gambut District Banjar Regency| Metroyadi and Amalia Mardhiah
116 |Student Team Achievement Division (Stad) Learning Model On Student Learning Outcome| Rina Fitriah
117 |Problems Faced By Teachers In Curriculum 2013 Implementation At Pasar Lama Elementary School 1 Banjarmasin| Selvia Amia Watana
118 |The Increase In Learning Outcomes Of Elementary School Mathematics Through Problem-Based Learning| Ririn Robayani
119 |Learning Outcome Increase Of Two-Dimensional Figure Circumference And Wide Through Touch Media Of Grade Iv D At Sabilal Muhtadin Islamic Elementary School| Siti Hartati
120 |Audio-Visual Media In Learning| Rizal Fuady
121 |Implementation Of Mind Mapping Learning Model To Improve Learning Outcomes Of Civil Education Subject On Grade 5 Students At Public Elementary School Mawar 2 Of Banjarmasin| Zain Ahmad Fauzi
122 |Application Of Group Investigation (Gi) Model To Increase Learning Outcomes Of Elementary School Students| Rizki Yuanita
123 |Relationship Between Teacher Motivation In Guiding Student Learning Difficulties And Learning Achievement Of Elementary School Students In Technical Implementation Unit (Upt) Area Of Kuripan Subdistrict, Barito Kuala District| Zul Paris
124 |Effort To Develop Children’s Cognitive Aspect In Showing Exploratory And Probing Activities Using Experimental Method And Make A Match Model On Group B Ra Raudhatul Jannah Jln Sungai Miai Dalam Banjarmasin City| Putri Inderianty
125 |Analysis Of Baru River Water Quality Due To Disposal Of Domestic Waste In The Sub District Of Central Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan| Elis Kumala Devi
126 |Receptivity Of Butter Cookies Using Mocaf (Modified Cassava Flour) Substitution| Kristian
127 |Measurement Of Aging Anxiety:Development Of The Anxiety About Aging Scale| KATHLEEN P. LASHER, PATRICIA J. FAULKENDER
128 |Effectiveness Of Video About Anemia On Knowledge Of Small Group Of Female Teenagers In Jatinangor Subdistrict| vera yulianti
129 |A Study On Owl Population (tyto alba var. javanica) In Reducing Rat Attacks And Parthenocarpy In Oil Palm Fruit Bunches| Septa Primananda
130 |Sentiment Detection Of Comment Titles In Booking.Com Using Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis| Dewi Ayu Khusnul Khotimah
131 |

Knowledge of Breast Cancer and Practice of Breast Cancer Screening (Breast Self Examination): A Systematic Review

| Diana Hardiyanti
132 |

Tax Aggressiveness Seen From Company Characteristics and Corporate Social Responsibility

| Yunus Harjito dkk
133 |Influence Of Audit Committee Competence, Audit Committee Independence, Independent Commissioner And Leverage On Tax Aggressiveness| Ni Putu Ayu Arismajayanti, I Ketut Jati
134 |Land Asset Appraisal Post-Tax Amnesty, An Advantage For Taxpayer| Aniek Juliarini
135 |Discrimination On Regulation Of Religion In Indonesia| Iza Rumesten RS
136 |Reproduction, Larva And Fry Growth And Balloon Inheritance On Balloon And Red Rainbowfish Normal Cross (Glossolepis incisus)Tutik Kadarini dkk
137 |Effects of Service Quality on Word of Mouth through Satisfaction of Patients in Outpatient Unit at Sakinah Islamic Hospital in Mojokerto Regency| Nurul Agustin
138 |Topography and Physical Activity as Determinant Factor of Hypertension Grade in Patients with Primary Hypertension| KrishNaufal
139 |Pulp Quality and Characteristics of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch of Dura Variety as Paper Raw Material Chemical composition, fiber morphology, and kraft pulping of empty fruit bunch of dura variety (Elaies guineensis Jack)| Ridwan
140 |Roles Of Income, Aspiration Of Ideal Income, Surrounding Community Income And Religiosity In Hajj Pilgrims Of Kbih X In Malang City| Eko Fajar Cahyono
141 |

Theories of Poverty and Anti-Poverty Programs in Community Development

| Ted K. Bradshaw
142 |Roles Of Income, Aspiration Of Ideal Income, Surrounding Community Income And Religiosity In Hajj Pilgrims Of Kbih X In Malang City| Eko Fajar Cahyono
143 |Strengthening Children Health Program using Implementation of Personal Health Record to Develop Sustainable Community Health Database| Rico Kurniawan
144 |Residential Building Typology in Earthquake-Prone Areas, a Case Study of Bobanehena Village, West Halmahera Regency| Firdawati
145 |Soil Formulation Of Chicken Feses Composition Using Mol Bioactivator Banana Holl And Brewing Method| Rina Alfina
146 |Overview of Child Abuse Experienced by Students at Junior High School of Cianjur City in 2017| Ai Lisnawati
147 |Enhancement on Reflection of Barium Hexaferrite Loss Strengthened by Mn-Ti BaO6.Fe2-xM Nx / 2Nox / 2O3 (x = 0; 0.5) through Mechanical Integration and High-Power Ultrasonic Destruction Methods| Erlina
148 |Downstream Factor Of Beef Cattle Company Economic Sustainability| Tanri Giling Rasyid, Amrullah, Fatmawati
149 |Upstream Factors Of Beef Cattle Company Economic Sustainability| Tanri Giling Rasyid, Amrullah, Fatmawati
150 |Design Of A Disease Detection Prototype On Tomato Leaves Using Iot-Based Digital Image Processing Method| Fachri Abdussalam
151 |Indoor Air Quality (PM2.5, PM10, CO2, and HCHO) and Health Risk on Students in Depok City Junior High Schools| Sasnila Pakpahan dkk
152 |Capacity Improvement on Copper Drawing Machine Production Using SMED Methodology at Cable Industry| Lilik
153 |SOA-based Healthcare System Integration in Indonesia| Dselic
154 |Effects Of Foot Exercise To Distal Sensorimotor On Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy| Ridzka Ayyanun Zabitha
155 |

Language Politeness In Al-Azhar Islamic Junior High School 24 Makassar (Study Of Speech Acts On Educational Field)

| Ratnawati and Jumadi
156 |Analisis Perbandingan Proses Pengelasan Gmaw Pulsed Terhadap Gmaw Short Circuit Pada Sistem Perpipaan Offshore| Zakwan Hilmy dkk
157 |Informing The Fraud Triangle: Insights From Differential Association Theory| Mark Lokanan Ph.D, CFE
158 |

Misleading Forecasts in Accounting Estimates: A Form of Ethical Blindness in Accounting Standards?

| Wally Smieliauskas
159 |

The Influence of Audit Risk and Materiality Guidelines on Auditor’s Planning Materiality Assessment

Julia Baldauf
160 |The Impact Of The Application Of The Governance Mechanisms On The Efficiency Of The Audit Performance And The Level Of Disclosure In The Financial Reports: An Applied Study To A Sample Of Companies Listed In The Iraqi Stock Exchange| Nadhim Shaalan Jabbar
161 |The Perception Of Public Sector Auditors On Performance Audit In Malaysia: An Exploratory Study| Chew Har Loke
162 |Analysis Of The Effect Of Reinforcement System (Rock Bolt And Shotcrete) On The Pillar Strength In Underground Mining Using Physical Model In Laboratory| La Ode DZAKIR
163 |Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s Multicultural Political Communication Styles| Andi Budi Sulistijanto
164 |THE Policy Implementa Honprocess : Conceptual Framework| DONALDS. VAN METER
165 |Relationship between Food Hygiene and Escherichia Coli Bacteria (E.coli) on Snacks at Elementary School Environment in Jatiasih Subdistrict, Bekasi| Clara Andyna Hazairin
166 |Analysis on Quality of Food Sanitation Hygiene and Escherichia Coli (E. coli) Contamination at Restaurants around Commuter Line Stations in Central Jakarta, 2018| Dinda Ayu Ratnasari
167 |Influence Of Professional Commitment And Locus Of Control On Whistleblowing Intensity With Ethical Sensitivity As Intervening Variable (Case Study at Public Accounting Firms in Makassar)| Muhtar
168 |Small Scale Salt Production Business Potential In Aceh As Capital For The Welfare Of Coastal Communities| Noor
169 |Effectiveness Of Systematic Desensitization To Reduce Students Anxiety In Facing Undergraduate Thesis| Masnurrima Heriansyah and Sestuningsih Margi Rahayu
170 |Effects of Implementation of COSO-ERM Framework with Khalifatullah Fiil Ard Philosophy moderation and Roles of Elements of Higher Education Governance on University Financial Performance in East Java, Indonesia| Nurhayati Dkk
171 |Air Polutant (Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Indoor Total Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) And Pulmonary Disorders In Junior High School Students In Depok| Elia Yulaeva dkk
172 |Islamic Values In Bedhaya Sri Nawa Kumala Dance By Guruh Sukarno Putra| Dinar Ayu Astarinny
173 |Transformation Of Tourism Business Organization In South Sulawesi Province (Perspective Of Strategy And Organization Development)| Herminawaty Abubakar
174 |Seagrass (Thalassia hemprichii) Extract Potential As Antimicrofouling| Fahrudin
175 |Redundant Acronym Syndrome (RAS) In Indonesian Language Usage| Haslinda
176 |Test of saccharomyces sp. Filtrate Culture Potential To Inhibit The Growth Of Aspergillus Flavus Fncc6109 In Broiler Chicken Concentrate Feed Model| Putu Angga Wiradana
177 |Socio-Culture System of Selayar People| Mardi Adi Armin
178 |Safety Factor Evaluation On Speed Limit At Tembalang-Jatingaleh And Jatingaleh-Gayamsari Toll Roads| Heri Dkk
179 |Return On Investment – Indikator untuk Mengukur Profitabilitas Modal Yang Diinvestasikan| Mariana ZAMFIR
180 |The Function and Spirituality of Bonaventure’s “Treatise” on the Miracles of St. Francis| George F. Rambow
181 |Effects of Polarity Compound of the Sonchus arvensis (Linn.) Leaves to inhibit Hypertension| Suryani
182 |“Tetenger” As A Symbol Of Local Wisdom In The Majapahit Era| Mulyadi
183 |Analysis Of Sharia Banking Financial Fraud Using Beneish Ratio And Sharia Compliance Ratio| Rudy M.K.
184 |Da’wah Communication Of Bedhaya Tunggal Jiwa  Dance At Grebeg Besar Ceremony In Demak Regency| INDRIANA ARNINDA DEWI, R.M PRAMUTOMO
185 |Catechin Liposome Gel Formulation 
186 |Religion And Millennial Generation In Indonesia (Efforts to Develop Religious Character in Anticipation of the Negative Influences of Modernization in Indonesia)| mahmuddin
187 |Religion And Millennial Generation In Indonesia (Efforts to Develop Religious Character in Anticipation of the Negative Influences of Modernization in Indonesia)| Reny
188 |Anemia in Children Due to Airborne Lead Exposure of Used Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Area in Jabodetabek, Indonesia| Basuki Rachmat
189 |Analysis of Effects of Price, Service Quality, and Information Factors on Customer Satisfaction and Its Impact on the Commitment of Broadband Internet Customers| Arifatulloh Cakrabuana
190 |Developing Learning Guidance and Counseling Program Based on Social and Emotional Learning in Senior High School| Eko
191 |

Humanistic Approach to Principal’s Leadership and its Impacts in Strengthening Character Education

| Effendi
192 |

Effects of Organizational Commitment and Internal Control on Accounting Information System Quality and Its Impact on Accounting Information Quality (Research on Trading Companies listed in PT. Solusi Akuntansi Indonesia)

| Devi Eryana
193 |Other Notary Authorities In Security Agreement And Registration Mechanism For Drilling Rigs| Agus Budianto and R. Bambang Gunawan
194 |Improvement Of Study Program’s Performance In Higher Education By Implementing Internal Quality Assurance System At Nusantara Islamic University Indonesia| R. Supyan Sauri
195 |Mediating Effect Of Customer Satisfaction On Service Quality, Price Quality, And Website Quality On Customer Loyalty Of Lazada, Shopee, And Tokopedia Customers In Jakarta| Klara Mayori
196 |Inventory Accounting Methods: Factors Affecting Basis Of The Choice| Nur Hayati
197 |Improvement t of PaTik Bali Autocorrect Algorithm Based on the Rule of Pasang Aksara Pengangge Tengenan| Ida Bagus
198 |Molecular Docking Studies Of Hgv-6 Analogue As A Potential Pbp-1b Inhibitor| ARIEF KUSUMA WARDANI
199 |Dynamics of Pepper Trade in West Coast of Aceh in 1873-1921| Noor
200 |Collective Memory and State’s Stigmatization of Ex-Political Prisoners on G30S in 1965| Noor
201 |Consolidation of Islamic Power Ahead of European Penetration to Aceh at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Aceh-Turkey Diplomatic Relations| Noor
202 |The Brebes Shallot Market Network in the Import Pressures: A Historical Sociological Review of the Trade and Marketing System from Time to Time| Noor
203 |The Factors Affecting HDI in Indonesia| Rita Fidella
204 |Correlation between Serum Calcium Level and Lung Function in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients at the Community Center for Lung Health (BBKPM) Makassar| Farah Fauziyah R. Ahmad


205 |Identification of the Existence and Type of Microplastic in Code River Fish, Special Region of YogyakartaElita Nurfitriyani Sulistyo dkk
206 |P-Possum And Asa-Ps Comparison In Predicting In-Hospital Mortality Of Patients After Emergency Laparotomy| Edwin
207 |The Accuracy of Broselow Tape and Cole Formulation in Predicting the Size of Uncuffed Endotracheal Tube on Malay Patients Aged 1 – 6 Years Old| Edwin
208 |

Accuracy of Electric Velocimetry Method Compared with Echocardiography in Assessing Fluid Responsiveness:

Research on Stroke Volume Variation and Changes in Stroke Volume after Fluid Challenge

| Edwin
209 |participatory mapping of environmental sanitary conditions in settlement over water in ternate city| Fidawati
210 |Cardiogenic Shock ec Cardiomyopathy in Cardio Renal Syndrome Patient| Edwin
211 |

Effects of Turmeric Tonic Administration on Menstrual Pain Reduction

Among Adolescent Girls at Public Senior High School 13 Makassar

| Sumarni Marwang
212 |Challenges In Implementing E-Government| Rabiah
213 |Clinical symptoms, WHO criteria and characteristics lesion in chest x ray as predictor for multi drug resistant tuberculosis| Ana Majdawati, Inayati
214 |Impact Of Sedentary Life Style On Positive Ischemic Response Among Male Workers (Survival Analysis 2013-2017)| PRIO HANGUDI SAMPURNO
215 |Insider Trading: Indicator, Proving and Law Enforcement in Indonesian Securities Law| Arman Nefi
216 |The Effects of Papaya Fruit as Anti Diabetes Type 2: A Review| Zuhria Ismawanti dkk
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